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Beware the Ides of March!

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We always get the urge to type this around the middle of this month. Blame Shakespeare.

Or if you’re tired of blaming old Will, take a cue from South Park.

This year, the Ides of March bring us the fourth installment of Robert Weinberg’s Collecting Fantasy Art series; this one is titled “Art Mania!” We’re very happy to be hosting this series, as it is an important memoir in the history of the art of science fiction and fantasy. Many people have written books about science fiction and fantasy art, but to our knowledge, this is the first (maybe to be a book in the near future) written about the “collecting bug” by one of the premier art collectors in our field.

We hope you are enjoying not only this important series, but also our regular series of short fiction reviews. Our reviewing staff are kept, we believe, very happy in their perfumed cages with the gilded bars; they rest on plump pillows of pure velvet, while a bevy of beautiful robotic servants (who are here, after all, to Serve Mankind) feeds them peeled grapes and luscious chocolates, not to mention the inevitable honeydew and Milk of Paradise, all the while murmuring soft words of encouragement into our reviewers’ shell-like ears.

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