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the genre's premiere review magazine for short SF & Fantasy since 1993
Challenging Destiny

Challenging Destiny, #24

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Image“The Dao of Stones” by Ian McHugh
“The Little Cat in the Attic Window, the Blue House on the Corner” by Jennifer Rachel Baumer
“The Chermasu” by Brian Patrick McKinley & Mark Jenkins
“Camouflage” by Corey Brown
“Abigail & Chang” by Harvey Welles & Philip Raines
“Freya's Flight” by Andrea McDowell
“Like Water in the Desert” by Hayden Trenholm

Challenging Destiny, #23, November 2006

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“Her Watcher” by J.R. Campbell
“The Vampire Who Doted on His Chicken” by Ken Rand
“Bread” by Jennifer Bosworth
“The Message” by Richard R. Harris
“Service With a Smile” by Craig Q. Rose
“Sunset Manor” by Monte Davis
“Suck of Clay, Whir of Wheel” by Pat Esden

Challenging Destiny #22

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"Acid Man" by Caroline Misner
"Heroes and Villains" by Steven Mohan, Jr.  
"Piñons" by Uncle River
"Heart-Shaped Hole" Marissa K. Lingen
"BehaviorNorm" by Sue Lange
"The Anabe Girls" by A.R. Morlan
"Eye Teeth" by Jay Lake

Challenging Destiny #21

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Image“To Live Forever” by Jay Lake
“The Day the Zombies Came Walking Up Out of the Sea” by Steven Mohan, Jr.
“The Bonebreaker” by Kenneth Mark Hoover
“Waste Management” by Suzanne Church
“Clark Bland Saves the Planet” by Jason Offutt
“The Case of the Twisted Coil” by Hayden Trenholm

Challenging Destiny, #20

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"Lonesome Cosmogonist" by Ian Creasey
"Granvort Goes to War" by R.E. Mendel
"Murder in the Shadows of Exile" by Steven Mohan, Jr.
"Many a Knot Unraveled by the Road" by Fraser Sherman
"Reciprocating Wind" by Uncle River
"Ridin’ the De Novo Shinkansen" by A.R. Morlan
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