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Oceans of the Mind

Oceans of the Mind, Issue XXI, Fall 2006

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“Body Politic” by Philip J. Lees
“The Mix-in” by Resa Nelson
“The Thirteenth City” by Terry Dartnall
“The Athame of Odin” by Cherith Baldry
“Eddie’s Record” by Doc Finch
“Gross Bodies and Light Convertible” by Mark A. Rayner


Oceans of the Mind #XX, Summer 2006

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“Eppur si Muove” by Cherith Baldry
“War In Heaven” by John Alfred Taylor
“Moonlight Serenade” Bruce Golden
“Night of Sevens” by Paul Marlowe
“The Stranger at Gunnison’s Camp” by Ken Rand
“Moon Flu” by Vaughan Stanger
“Infamy” by Edward Morris

Oceans of the Mind, Spring 2006, #XIX, "Tribute to the Pulps"

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“1,000 Zeppelins Over Hollyland” by Joe Murphy
“It Rumbled” by O’Neil de Noux
“The Seal of Gilgamesh” by Terry Bramlett
“The Franklin J. Berneville Trophy” by Ian Creasey
“The Few, the Proud, the Leech Corps” by Eugie Foster

Oceans of the Mind, Winter 2005, #XVIII, "Eastern Europe"

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“Beating the Air” by Velko Miloev
“God’s Chosen” by Ekaterina Sedia
“Father” by Ivaylo G. Ivanov
“Ten Thousand Dollars More” by Khristo Poshtakov
“The Assassination” by Johan Vladimir
“Sunset in the Gulf of Cyclopses” by Sergey Gerasimov
“The Architect of the Apocalypse” by Boris Dolingo


Oceans of the Mind, #17, Fall 2005

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"OM+" by Catherine Shaffer and Jim C. Hines
"The Diamond Star" by Cherith Baldry
"Mall Warriors" by Ryck Neube
"Stopover" by Philip J. Lees
"Jigsaw" by Douglas Smith

Oceans of the Mind, #16, Summer 2005

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"Striders" by John Alfred Taylor
"Alekhine's Defense" by Cherith Baldry
"Killjo" by Terry Dartnall
"Retirement" by Terry Bramlett
"Mississippi Dragons" by Scott W. Carter
"Congestion" by Andrew Burt

Oceans of the Mind, Spring 2005

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"A Death in Peacetime" by David Drake
"Useful Agonies" by Gregory Benford
"Soldiers" by Dave Luckett
"Resistance" by Kenneth Chiacchia
"Nuevo Shine" by Renee Stern

Oceans of the Mind, #12, Summer 2004

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"Evangel" by K. D. Wentworth
"A Bad Day All Around" by Mike Moscoe
"Zen and the Art of Computer Programming" by Philip Lees
"In the Aftermath of Something Happening" by Laura Ann Gilman
"Gathering Shards" by Julia West
"Ganymede" by Sarah A. Hoyt
"Engines of Creation" by Isaac Szpindel

Oceans of the Mind, #13, Fall 2004, "Mysteries"

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"Idol" by Russell Blackford
"Resurrection and Life" by Paul Marlowe
"The End of the Event Horizon" by Charlene Brusso
"Time Tracker" by G. Miki Hayden
"Lag Phase" by Ian Sanders
"Best in Show" by Ian Creasey
"The Text" by Kurt R.A. Giambastiani
"Parakeets and PBJs" by Greg Beatty

Oceans of the Mind, #14, Winter 2004 "Editor's Choice"

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"The Word of Ghair" by Cherith Baldry
"The Wind at Carthage" by Mark Tiedemann
"Profits" by Terry Bramlett
"Wings, Waivers and Wild, Warm Weather" by Greg Beatty
"The Breath of the Gods" by Scott William Carter
"Twenty Two Centimeters" by Gregory Benford
"Krasnaya Luna" by Paul Marlowe
"Surely The Clouds Would Come" by Robin Jensen
"By and By" by Jerry Goodz
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