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the genre's premiere review magazine for short SF & Fantasy since 1993
Flashing Swords


Flashing Swords #5, Winter 2006

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"By the Sword" by John C. Hocking
"The Blood Marsh" by D. K. Latta
"The Dead God's Puppet Show" by Robert Burke Richardson
"Prayer of the Warrior" by Nathan Meyer
"Tal's Tale" by Nancy Virginia Varian
"Island of Fear" by John M. Whalen
"Homecoming" by Bruce Durham

Flashing Swords #4

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"The Redemption of Calthus" by Steve Goble
"The Dead God's Destiny" by Robert Burke Richardson
"The Blood Meridian" by Nathan Meyer
"Edges" by Edward Muller
"The Hungry Apples" by Richard Lyon and Andrew Offutt
"Jawbone of an Ass" by Steven L. Shrewsbury
"The Lost Path Between the Worlds" by John C. Hocking

Flashing Swords #3, Summer 2005

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"Web of Pale Venom" by John C. Hocking
"The White Wyrm" by C. L. Werner
"The Covenant" by Christopher Stires
"Two Fools Make a Tragedy" by C. J. Burch
"The Demon War" by S. C. Bryce
"End of Duty" by Joe McCullough V
"Raven's Eye" by Jay Caselberg
"The Catacombs of Dharwatagan" by Bruce Durham

Flashing Swords #2, Spring 2005

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"A Night in the Archives" by John C. Hocking
"The Marsh God" by Bruce Durham
"Devil on my Stomach" by Richard Lyon and Andrew Offutt
"Race into Blood" by Peter J. Welmerink
"Protection" by Harold Lamb
"The Stone Man" by D. K. Latta