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the genre's premiere review magazine for short SF & Fantasy since 1993
Apex Magazine

In 2008 Apex Magazine switched from a quarterly print magazine to a monthly online publication.

Website: http://apexbookcompany.com/apex-online/

Apex Magazine #110, July 2018

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Apex #110, July 2018

"The Chariots, the Horsemen" by Stephanie Malia Morris

"When You're Ready" by M. Ian Bell
"Kerouac's Renascence" by Tal M. Klein
"All Clear!" by Hao He

Apex Magazine #109, June 2018

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Apex #109, June 2018

Three Meetings of the Pregnant Man Support Group” by James Beamon

Suzie Q” by Jacqueline Carey

Apex Magazine #108, May 2018

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Apex #108, May 2018

Stars so Sharp They Break the Skin” by Matthew Sanborn Smith

Cold Blue Sky” J. E. Bates
"Mother Jones and the Nasty Eclipse" by Cherie Priest
"Fifteen Minutes Hate" by Rich Larson
"Cherry Wood Coffin" by Eugenia Triantafyllou

Apex Magazine #107, April 2018

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Apex Magazine #107, April 2018

"Clap Your Hands" by Andrew F. Kooy

"The Sharp Edges of Anger" by Jamie Lackey
"Murders Fell from Our Wombs" by Tiotlo Tsamaase
"What to Do When It's Nothing but Static" by Cassandra Khaw (reprint, not reviewed)

Apex Magazine #106, March 2018

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Apex #106, March 2018

"Irregularity" by Rachel Harrison

"A Priest of Vast and Distant Places" by Cassandra Khaw
"We Are New(s)" by Bentley A. Reese

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