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the genre's premiere review magazine for short SF & Fantasy since 1993
SQ Mag

UPDATE 3/26/17:  As of 2017 SQ Mag is now a quarterly e-zine and its reviews can be found by clicking on the E-Market/Quarterly section link on our front page. Its cover dates will be February, May, August, and November.

SQ Mag is a bi-monthly e-zine published from Melbourne, Australia. It features one story by a well known, established author in each issue, along with approx. five stories from newcomers. Their primary mandate is the promotion of new talent. To learn more of this magazine, please visit their website.

Publisher:  Gerry Huntman

Editor-in-Chief:  Sophie Yorkston

Website: SQ Mag

January 2015 cover

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# Article Title Author
1 SQ Mag #29, November/December 2016 Herbert M. Shaw
2 SQ Mag #28, September/October 2016 Kevin P Hallett
3 SQ Mag #27, July/August 2016 Christos Antonaros
4 SQ Mag #26, May/June 2016 Jody Dorsett
5 SQ Mag #25, March/April 2016 Michelle Ristuccia
6 SQ Mag #24, January/February 2016 Herbert M. Shaw
7 SQ Mag #23, November/December 2015 Clancy Weeks
8 SQ Mag #22, September/October 2015 Rick Cartwright
9 SQ Mag #21, July/August 2015 Nicky Magas
10 SQ Mag #20, May/June 2015 Jason McGregor
11 SQ Mag #19, March/April 2015 Joshua Berlow
12 SQ Mag #18, January/February 2015 Chuck Rothman