This small corner of Tangent Online is reserved for SF/F novel reviews by myself alone. Tangent Online reviews only short fiction as it has done (with a few early exceptions) since its inception in 1993. Consider this a private adjunct for the editor only and as separate from Tangent Online’s mandate of reviewing short fiction exclusively, if you will. I have been thinking of doing this for the past few years and have finally decided to pull the trigger.

Having retired in 2013 I now have much more time to read. While I will continue to read as much short fiction as ever—even more actually—I find I have more time to read more novels than I have in the past, when I was working and editing Tangent Online.

I love reading SF/F novels, always have. In the past and over the years I would ask publishers for review copies now and again, and they were most gracious in sending them. I therefore felt it only fair to review the free books I had specifically asked for. Sometimes it didn’t work out and I felt terribly guilty. When I would review these free review copies I was forced to send them elsewhere for posting, Tangent Online reviewing, again, only short fiction. Depending on the website, my reviews would appear several weeks later, or in some cases much longer, and if a correction needed to be made I couldn’t instantly fix or revise a review. I was at the mercy of others.

But now with my own corner of Tangent Online I can review what I want, when I want, and revise and correct instantly. And reviews can be posted the minute they are ready. All major advantages.

I am open to any and all SF or Fantasy novels, with but two caveats. The first being that I will not review anything sent in any electronic format. I hate reading novels from a screen. I must have a print copy if you would care to send a novel for review consideration—and it must be available in print format for possible buyers. The second caveat is that if a novel is the 5th, 8th, 10th or whatever number in an ongoing series the chances of my reviewing it are slim. If it is the first in a new sub-series set in the same universe as an original larger series, this increases the odds of a review greatly. If an SF or F series has just begun but is into its second volume then I might consider it if the initial volume is also included—and I have the time. But these sorts of beginning entries in a series I am willing to consider, but not the umpteenth volume of any given series (i.e. Wheel of Time for example).

So, no electronic-only novels, and the novel must be available in print.

No middle or later volumes in an SF or F series, unless it is a self-contained subset series in its first or second volume.

Stand alone novels are highly preferred. All publishers are welcome to send review copies. I will also entertain indie publishers (though no self-published work).

Again, no guarantee anything sent will be reviewed—but I’m willing to read widely and hopefully along the way give work not normally covered by the larger review venues a shot.

When sending review copies please include an email address so I can contact you should your novel get reviewed.

Please send all review copies, ARCs and the like to:

Dave Truesdale

2812 Paseo Blvd.

Kansas City, MO 64109-1237

(My email address can be found at the Contact Us link here at Tangent Online.)

April 8, 2015