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Will Placing "SFWA Member" on Your Cover Letter Help Sell Your Story?

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Top SF Editors Reveal Their Views About This Misunderstood Belief

This article was originally published in
Tangent #17, Winter 1996. It was subsequently moved to our website (with permission) in 1998. In our ongoing efforts to move material from our old website to this new one, we now bring it to a whole new generation of up and coming writers.

Why should I care that Paul Riddell said in his Fall Tangent column, "I'm willing to bet that other editors feel the same way I do: with very few exceptions, seeing the letterhead that lists SFWA and HWA is a screaming neon sign saying 'crappy story enclosed; please flush at first opportunity.'"? After all, as several editors and writers I talked to pointed out, the statement is clearly hyperbole and shouldn't be taken at face value.

On Writing as a Fantasist

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This article was written for Tangent #18, Spring 1997 and is reprinted with permission.

I recently read in Tangent #17 James Gunn's response to a question by Cynthia Ward, who asked about the dichotomy between mainstream literary standards and those of science fiction and fantasy, and asked someone to "Name names."  

Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser I Presume?

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Never in SF/F history was there ever a pair of more beloved and honored roguish characters than Fritz Leiber's Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser.

Where is the Copyeditor?

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So Mickey Rooney has a brainstorm and says to his friends, "Hey! Let's put on a show!"

One of the other kids chimes in, "We can use my uncle's barn!"

And since the kid's uncle happens to be Busby Berkeley, the show turns out just as slick as a regular Hollywood production.

Unfortunately, none of Mickey's crowd had an uncle in the publishing biz.

When Jesus Was A Woman

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"Jungle Doctor" by Robert F. Young
(originally published in Startling Stories, Fall, 1955)

TO Classic: Days of Wonder - A Conversation with Andre Norton

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It was with great sadness that the SF community learned of the passing of Andre Norton this week. Tangent published "Days of Wonder - A Conversation with Andre Norton" in 1996, and we bring it back now as the first of our TO Classics.

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